Company People

Monique Hoogers

Monique Hoogers

Dip. Landscape Design and technology (graduated top design student)

Position: Principal Designer / Company Director
Satisfaction Comes From: Finding solutions to landscape design problems and seeing the joy on the clients face when you present the plan
Most Important Tool: Clutch pencil
Passionate About: Nature, art and animals

Monique is probably the first person clients will get to talk to at Imagine Landscape Design as she is usually found in the studio busily creating landscape plans full of innovative ideas and attention to detail. If she is not at the studio, she enjoys visiting sites under construction to see her visions take shape and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty herself. Her open and honest nature helps her bond with her clients and she has a talent for discovering their innermost landscape desires!

Helen Boyes

Helen Cloke

Cert. of Horticulture, Dip. Landscape Design and Technology (graduated top design student)

Position: Principal Designer - Taranaki Based
Satisfaction Comes From: Seeing thoughts and ideas become a reality and also being in a career where I get to be creative and practical
Most Important Tool: Compass for creating circles and my digital camera
Passionate About: Crafting - sewing, knitting, baking and preserving

Helen has designed hundreds of landscapes. Her extensive portfolio includes traditional English gardens, both formal and informal, modern and native gardens. She enjoys adding her own artistic detail to any project and creates designs that best suit the functional and aesthetic aspirations of her clients. She has won numerous awards during her career and is liked for her professional and attentive approach.